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The Tube amp Hall of Fame #44

'73 Marshall 100 Watt S/L

This says 1973 but I doubt it
circut board is not correct, the rectifier block is not installed.
1971 -S/L had em mabye they changed them 72 or 73?
Idont know mabye? well see below, 71 had block rectifiers.

Marshall JMP '1979 2203 100 Watt Head
1967 Marshall Plexi 100 watt super lead
say JIMI
All solder connections are red inked and untouched
added two 100k ohm carbon comp resistors to ground
off the power supply for a center tap fuse and balance
 (removable-adds safety )
and a .68 blue mica on the V2 100k resistor .
Lastly the .05 volume cap was removed to simply
 allow more range of volume like a fender ,
 not the usual instant scorch at 2 or 3 ,
 it rolls smoothly up to full gain at ten .
hum.....nice   its a c series unit ???
it is set up for EL-34 tubes
Marshall JMP '1973 Super Lead 100 Watt

Marshall JTM45 head
Serial number 3266
a 1966 model
Valve rectifier. GZ34

Marshall JTM-45 reissue
date stamp of 11/8/89
modified to vintage specs by Don Butler
NOS Telefunken ECC83 in V1 -KT-66
matched Groove Tubes -NOS Amperex GZ34/5AR4 tube rectifier